At Salute Hospice, we understand the challenges that COVID-19 has thrust upon families with unique medical situations. If you have a loved one who falls into an at-risk group, a hospital is likely the last place you want to send them. We’re here to help.

Salute Hospice empowers families to stay together at their homes, ensuring you and your loved ones are comfortable and safe. Now more than ever, in-home hospice care is the logical choice for elderly care. By avoiding hospitals and containing our care to your home, we’re able to eliminate risk, while simultaneously providing the highest quality of care, all the while your loved one is enjoying all of the normal comforts of home. Hospice care provides everything the you and family needs to be comfortable and cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually. Additionally our care is free for you and your family, as it is 100% covered by Medicare and/or Medi-Cal. Please reach out via phone or email to learn how Salute Hospice can be of assistance to you and your family during this unprecedented time.

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