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Creating A Hospice Care Plan That Is Right For You

Salute Hospice works tirelessly to connect with patients and their families to establish Goals of Care (GOC), Code Status, and Medical Preferences. Additionally, we also assist in identifying surrogate decision-makers who are willing to speak for the patient, when they are not able, in the face of serious or terminal illness. We pledge to communicate effectively with each and every one of our patients and their families in order to keep everyone well-informed and up-to-date of the patient’s progress. With all of these needs in mind, when a patient receives care from Salute Hospice, we guide them by explaining our hospice care services and the amenities we provide so that, together, we can create an end of life care plan that is right for them.

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Discussing Your Needs During Assessment

People come from all walks of life. Our patients will often want to discuss cultural or family traditions and how they would like to honor certain customs in the face of death. It is also common to discuss religion and spirituality. At Salute Hospice, we are not here to judge—our main concern is to adhere to our patient’s wishes while providing them comfort and sustaining their dignity as their journey comes to an end. Our team will help make our patient’s wishes a reality.

Another common worry among our patients is wondering what will happen after they pass. Don’t burden yourself with worry! We will also discuss items such as how to prepare your body, whether you’re wanting to set up funeral arrangements or a cremation process, creating a living will, and so on. If there are special provisions or requests that must be fulfilled that we can’t do, we’ll be sure to connect you with people who can. Again, we want to respect each of our patient’s desires and create a hospice care plan that is perfect for them.

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