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Providing Assistance While Honoring Our Patient’s Wishes

Salute Hospice offers comprehensive care to each patient and their family and is dedicated to providing high-quality service that caters to patients who are experiencing pain and discomfort. Each hospice care plan is uniquely designed to meet all of the patient’s needs. Our team of professionals makes sure that our patients receive regular monitoring and is dedicated to providing personalized care and treatment while managing pain and symptoms. We promise to give the utmost care and attention so that our patients receive an abundance of emotional and physical support.

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Salute Hospice’s Services

Hospice Care

Our staff will come to your home, board and care residences, assisted living facilities and more.

Pre-Admission Consultation

Before you elect to receive our hospice services, we’d like to sit down with you and discuss your needs, wants, and expectations from our service.

Symptom & Pain Management

Our certified medical staff will consult with you, your family, and your doctor and make sure that your medication regimen is attended to while under our care.

Hospice Physician Visits

Our hospice physician will be sure to visit you to make sure that you’re comfortable.

Speech Therapist

We provide a speech therapist for clients who have trouble communicating their needs.

Social Worker

Our social worker is provided to support the patient’s end-of-life wishes and when they and their loved ones want to discuss their fears concerning their illness.

Chaplain/ Spiritual Care

Addressing and supporting your religious and spiritual beliefs is important. Therefore, at your request, we will provide a chaplain or spiritual counselor.

Hospice Nursing Care

We supply registered nurses as well as vocational nurses who provide high quality care in your home.

Hospice Health Aides

Our trained home health aides are provided to assist your non-medical personal care needs.

Medical Transportation

If you’re currently residing in a hospital or resident facility and need to be taken to a place of service, we provide medical transportation for you.

Education and Training

If a caregiver is interested in being able to provide assistance when Salute Hospice staff are not present, we will work with the caregiver to educate and train them.

Bereavement Program

After a loved one passes, we provide their family support visits, individual/family counseling, spiritual/religious counseling and more.

Continuous Care

This round-the-clock level of care is provided for patients in their home during times of crisis.

Even More Care

As the patient reaches their final hours, Salute Hospice activates its EvenMore Care program as we believe that no one should die alone and in pain.
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