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Welcome To Salute Hospice –
Your Professional Choice In Lomita, CA

Why Choose Our Hospice Assistance

At Salute Hospice, our priority is to keep our patients and their families peaceful and comfortable during the final phase of the patient’s life by enabling them to be at home with their family and loved ones. Hospice is a focused approach to caring for the terminally ill when life expectancy has been projected to be six months or less under the assumption the patient’s illness follows its expected course. In lieu of focusing on curative care, we in the hospice community focus on keeping the patient comfortable and pain-free by managing their symptoms and doing our best to preserve and improve their quality of life. This is called comfort/palliative care. In addition to meeting the patient’s medical needs, hospice care also addresses other pillars of humanity such as physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs. Our plans are designed uniquely and thoughtfully on an individual basis and follow our patients’ doctor’s specifications for our hospice team under the direction of our hospice medical director. Before any plan is complete, we make a concerted effort to consult the patient’s family and loved ones to ensure our plans provide the most thought, consideration and care possible. By taking these steps, we develop a completely custom care plan for each individual patient. We pride ourselves in offering various amenities such as:

24/7 Access

Our staff takes all appropriate measures to be readily available to our hospice patients and their families. One of our primary responsibilities is to ensure that we hold the responsibility to ensure that our patients feel relaxed and at ease as they progress through their final stage of life.

Exceptional Care

We believe that the last phase of a person’s life should be comfortable and free from anxiety. Let us take care of your family member by not only respecting their wishes, but helping them obtain peace and comfort during this phase.

Friends & Family

We like to treat our patients like family, so our team is encouraged to make connections and promote comradery with all of them. Ending your life journey is difficult— It's comforting to be with family during this time.

Feel At Home

Time is a precious commodity. When one is nearing the end of their journey, nobody wants to spend this time in a sterile and cold environment. Count on Salute Hospice to take care of your family member in the comfort of their own home or place of their choosing.

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Our Focus: You’re Never Alone With Salute Hospice

We’re In This Together

For patients diagnosed with a terminal illness, hospice offers aid to patients and families. The term “there’s nothing we can do” is not necessarily so—while there may be little that can be done by medical professionals in regards to curing the patient, hospice care can always step in to do everything possible to help ease the effects of our patient’s symptoms and ultimately improve or sustain their quality of life. Salute Hospice’s goal is to enable patients to be able to live each day as fully as possible by keeping the effects of the condition at bay or, at the very least, providing comfort from those effects.

Services in Southern California

Including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside
& San Bernardino Counties!

With our offices located in Lomita, CA, Salute Hospice commits to assisting patients and their families in Lomita as well as select surrounding Southern California areas. Our hospice services are not limited by the type of place in which the patient chooses to reside—it is a service that offers support, resources, and assistance to terminally ill patients and their families whether they live at home, a nursing home, or in a facility specifically designated for such a service.

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Our Life’s Calling

Everyone, from our doctors to our volunteers, focus on reducing the pain and suffering associated with their current condition by providing the best medical, social, and spiritual care available. We will come to our patient’s side at their chosen environment where they can remain more relaxed in the comfort and familiarity of their surroundings. We promise to care for our patients with kindness, warmth, and compassion while always preserving their dignity. We strongly feel that this is our calling and are honored to do what we do!

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